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Ezzy Zeta is back again. We bought this sail in the 6.4 size some months ago, and we are now able to share with you our impressions.


Windsurf Sail test: Ezzy Zeta 6.4


Technical data:

Sail area: 6,4 m2

Luff: 454 cm

Boom: 179-189 cm

Rec mast: 430

Productor website




Test result:

Ezzy Zeta has retired the Tiger since 2017. We have purchased and used it for a few months, under thermic breeze conditions, in the lakes, or at sea (about 15 knots), matching it with a freestylewave board of 106 liters (rider's weight aprox 70 kgs). Before we bought it, we asked David Ezzy a piece of advice; he answered us in a synthetic but effective way. "If you want to go in the waves and turn on waves, then the 6.1 Elite (ndr 4 battens) might be a good choice. If you are mainly sailing in bump'n'jump conditions then 5 battens might be the way to go". On Ezzy's site, you can read that David Ezzy has proposed the goal of making this 5 battens sail with the feelings/performances of a 3 battens sail (lightness in weight, and easy feeling), but also with the benefits of a 5 battens one (profile stability). To reach this goal, instead of working on a 5 battens to improve it, he started from the Taka (the Ezzy 3 battens model).

Well, our impressions are very positive, the goal seems to have been definitely achieved. To condense our thoughts, we can say that it is a sail which it is a pleasure to go windsurfing with. If possible, this sail's response is even more neutral than that of other Ezzy models (Tiger/Elite), which is also legendary. Indeed, this sail gives a great feeling of lightness and maneuverability in your hands, and it is powerful, never being tiring. The construction, as always, is extraordinary, and it guarantees the sail a long life. And if anyone has yet to say that the Ezzy sails are heavy, because tough and built with heavy X-ply, to make it clear that he's wrong, just consider that the 6.4 weighs 3.83 kg, that is less than Neil Pryde Atlas 6.2 (4.3 kgs), and equal to Neil Pryde Combat 5.6 (to make a comparison with sails generally considered to be light), and just 400 grams more than the Severne Blade 6.2 (another brand known for the lightness of its sails).

According to us, in short, it is really an exciting sail, and we advise you to use it in conditions similar to those in which we employ it.

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Hang loose. Fabio 


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