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Finally, we decided to get the legendary Tabou Da Curve, in the size of only 80 LT. The version is the one of the year 2016. And we tell you right away that this board has already made us fall in love with it. In this article, we show you the results of our test, explaining why.



Windsurfing, test boards: Tabou Da Curve 80 TE 2016

In recent years, the world of wave boards has been mainly occupied by the American brands, Goya and Quatro, with other European brands trying to come up with something to win the competition. Goya and Quatro, surely, offer valid products, but we know that in our world the ability of a good marketing activity to create fashions is also important. When choosing a wave board, however, it is fundamental to find a model that is suitable for the spots where we ride, in order to exploit the conditions. Going behind the fashions, otherwise, you risk finding yourself with an American Quad, to go out in spots that only work with side on/onshore wind .....


Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 3

Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 5



The author of this article rides both the spots of South Africa, or Oman (with side / side off wind, and waves even higher than 3 meters), but also, and more often, the spots of Southern France and Sardinia (with side / side on wind, and, on average, about 2-3 meters waves), and always wants to have fun ....

So the matter is: which board to cover then all these conditions? After having a Fanatic Triwave (read review), and a Fanatic Quad (read review), the last South African holiday induced me to look again for a board which was, first of all, very fast, both to face the first breakers on the shore with a greater speed and thrust, and to be able to position me better on the waves, when returning.

So I wanted to go back to a thruster fins set-up, for my wave board, and, after consulting with some experienced friends, the attention fell upon the Tabou Da Curve, a board that has been always highly appreciated, considered by some to be radical, a race horse on the which his "majesty" Thomas Traversa happily have ridden, surfed and jumper for many years. I was very intrigued by the slogan with which the well-known French producer describes the board on his site:


But you know, every manufacturer praises its products, and I wanted to see clearly, trying it for myself. So, once found the occasion of a new 2016 board, lying in a German shop, I did not miss it.


Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 6

Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 8



Technical board data

Volume: 80 liters

Lenght: 228 cm

Width: 56,5 cm

Weight: 6,7 kg

Boxes and fins: 5 Slotboxes. The version we purchased is the TE version (Team Edition), produced with only 3 boxes, at the request of some athletes. Since these athletes prefer a use of the board with thruster fin set up, the two further boxes have been eliminated, to have an even lighter board.

The board is delivered, anyway, with the following set of fins: 2x Carver 10 cm, 1x Zinger 16 cm. 


Test in the Water



I tested the board in the water, immediately in serious waveriding conditions (Oman), with waves of even 3.5 meters, and wind, side / side off, up to about 30 knots. The board immediately impressed me. First of all, I liked the balanced distribution of the volumes, which, together with the position of the mast foot box, gives it excellent buoyancy, and makes it comfortable to stand on it, when the wind is unstable, despite its 80 liters. And this is very important, because sometimes it happens (especially in oceanic spots) that there are good waves, but light winds.

The other thing that immediately impressed me is the truly lightning glide entry of the board, as soon as the wind pushes enough; and also the top speed when planing is excellent. These elements are a Tabou trademark, which was witnessed by the many Tabou boards I have owned. Fabien Vollenweider has understood that even a wave board must be fast and glide well, because these elements allow the rider to better explore the spot, position him/herself at the best, in a windward position, take more waves, and overcome wind drops, which, in a spot wave, can happen, only because, with big waves, in the wave trough, you have a sheltered area. I totally share this philosophy. But what is appreciable is also the fact that the board, even at high speed, and even with a slightly choppy water surface, always remains in full control, without bouncing, and keeping the route quite well.

The excellent speed, as well as allowing for better upwind sailing, also guarantees a great l headway in fast tack (tack, in waveriding, is essential): on a 80 liter board a good headway is very useful ...

But the Da Curve gives positive sensations especially in surfing ... Once you got planing on the wave, the board allows you to accelerate or slow down at your will, to position yourself well on the wave.

The surf can then be radical, or not, as you please. You can set a wider bottom turn, or a narrower one, by making the inner rail bite into the water more decisively. The board will respond in a safe and precise manner. In the event that you make the internal rail penetrate more you also will realize with pleasant surprise that the board will acquire even more speed, projecting you with power towards the lip of the wave for the next cut back. The Cut Back may be wider and more fluid, or more narrow and sharp, and even slashy, if desired. The board responds perfectly to your commands, with a rapid and smooth rail to rail passage.


Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 1

Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 9

Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 11


In jumps, and even in high jumps, the board is wonderful. The excellent speed you can reach with it allows you to detach from the wave lip and fly as high as you want (and Thomas Traversa proves it ....).

Once in the air, the board is easily controllable (probably, the 80 liters of my model help further). The legendary Tabou pads better cushion landings. I'm not a wizard of rotations (at the moment, I don't go beyond a semi-back loop....), but I'm pretty sure the board is able to assist you properly even in this field.


Windsurf Masirah Oman 8


In short, we still have to try the board in Mediterranean spots, and next january in South Africa, but we have already fallen in love with this product, and we have already understood that this will not be the first and last Da Curve that we will own.

Hang loose. Fabio Muriano


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A video shot in Oman, where you can see me in action with the Tabou Da Curve TE 80 2016

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