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The Goya Banzai is a very particular 4 batten wave sail for windsurfing. It is the power-wave sail of the brand, based in Hawaii, for onshore / side on wind conditions, able to supply the rider with the power it needs at the right time. Alessio Negrelli, a friend and a rider from Modena, tells us about his first impressions about the 2020 model (which will remain unchanged in 2021), based on the use of measures 3.7 and 4.2.


Windsurfing, test: Goya Banzai X PRO 2020/2021. First impressions

At the end of this winter, when the sails were taken, we had in mind to complete a real and deep test, as usual. Unfortunately, the well-known events linked to Covid emergency have greatly limited the sessions we could enjoy in appropriate wave conditions, in this first part of the year; substantially, they have been reduced to some beautiful sessions in early March and June in Sardinia (Funtana Meiga, La Ciaccia, Cala Pischina, Capo Mannu). Than, after the summer typical high pressure conditions arrived, the strong wind and the waves disappeared. More recently, Alessio also had the opportunity to enjoy a very strong wind session in Stintino (also in Sardinia), with the 3.7, also testing some different trimmings.  

These sessions have, however, allowed Alessio to obtain some impressions, and also to compare the Banzai with the Fringe, another Goya model (3 battens) that he currently uses. We leave the floor to him, after reporting here some data taken from the manufacturer's website.

We also remind you that the Banzai X Pro 2018 (read article) and Banzai X Pro 2019 (read the article) tests are available on Waterwind, referring to the size 5.7.


Windsurf Sardegna 7

Windsurf Sardegna 8

Windsurf Goya banzai 001


 Windsurf Goya banzai 003 

Goya Banzai 2020 spec



"Surely, the Banzai is a much more stable sail than the Fringe, and it's powerful, but less nervous.

A feature that I noticed is that it gives so much power when you just sheet the sail with your back hand. You can really feel the pushing that gives the planing start.
They are excellent in jumps, precise and neutral when needed, superlative in surfing, both with strong wind and with light wind. 

In the session at Stintino with the 3.7, in which the sail was matched with the Quatro Pyramid 71, I was able to confirm the impression of stability and neutrality when surfing. In addition, I tried two set-ups regarding the sail trimming. I tried both to sheet the downhaul and outhaul a lot, and to trim the sail, simply referring to the manufacturer's instructions. I have tried a few rides, and I must say that the difference is very cleat. Even in very strong winds, the sail must not be sheeted too much, otherwise it loses its stability. This confirms the suggestion reported on Goya's website: sheet the downhaul to the mark in the upper part of the sail; the sail, rimmed like this, will perform at its best in almost all conditions. Only in very light wind, it may be advisable to sheet the downhaul a little less, to leave it more powerful.

Goya Banzai X Pro 2020 2

Windsurf Sardegna 9

Windsurf Goya banzai 009


In short, my personal opinion is that the Banzai is a step above the Fringe, in all conditions. The Fringe is very specific as for the conditions of use: surfing down the line, and light wind.

In surfing, with the Banzai X Pro 2020, you have just to close the sail, and it immediately becomes neutral, ready to reach the peak of the wave and explode in a powerful cut back.

The Fringe pulls a lot forward under gust; it's excellent, too, for having the feeling of immediate gliding, but for this reason it's less stable and more nervous when the wind is not steady".


Hang loose.

Fabio and Alessio (who is now "having fun" as a windsurfing instructor in Stintino).


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A video showing Alessio, while enjoying his Goya sails in Sardinia

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