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Naish introduces 2018 Boards and Sails collection.


Windusrf equipment: 2018 Naish collection


A testament to the collaboration between passionate athletes and engineers, our 2018 line is a product of thoughtful development, rigorous testing and meticulous engineering.

We envision how your gear should feel under your feet and in your hands and perfect it for performance and function. Our products are designed to work with you, seamlessly and intuitively, so that you can find your natural movement on the water.

This 2018, our new Thrust WS 1 and line of Hover windsurfing foilboards adds another level of fun and excitment to lightwind conditions. Our sails continue to set industry standards with high-end implements, quality construction and perfectly balanced design, while our board range offers plenty of versatility. The return of the Hardline and Global boards continue to meet the demands of the best windsurfers all over the world. With gear designed for everything from wave, bump & jump, freeride and now foil, the goal at Naish remains unwaivering: to create the best user experience possible.    

Designed to perform and built to last, Naish windsurfing gear is a reflection of Robby's personal style and lifelong dedication to the sport.

Watch the 2018 Season opener video HERE»



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Brand new for 2018, Naish introduces an all-new line of dedicated foil windsurfing products, designed to bring another level of fun and excitement to lightwind sailing. The Thrust WS 1 is a revolutionary new foil providing unmatched lift and stability to get sailors up and foiling in the lightest winds imaginable. Drawing inspiration from the Thrust Surf and Thrust KS 1, this modular foil can easily be transformed for different uses. Complimenting the Thrust WS 1 is a series of boards that perform in a variety of ways. Whether you desire a dedicated foiling setup, like the Hover 122, or a board that serves multiple uses, like the Hover 120 Crossover, the new Naish Foil line has you covered to keep you stoked and on the water.

Watch the Thrust WS 1 video HERE»




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For 2018 we are pleased to introduce the brand new Lift sail, made specifically for light wind foiling. Utilizing ultra-lighweight materials, the Lift delivers the low-end power to get sailors up and foiling yet still luffable to dump power when it isn't needed. For years the Force has set the performance standard for wave sails and with both four and five battens models it continues to prove itself globally. With technologies like our exclusive CARBONTECH construction, we’re constantly refining our sails not only to make them as light as possible, but to make them tougher and more responsive to give sailors like you the ultimate advantage in those critical moments. High-end features such as titanium clew rings and our Equilibrium Batten System—which perfectly balances loads from front to back for smoother rotation and increased durability—all work together to maximize your sailing experience, year after year.

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Since 1979 Naish has been at the forefront of windsurf board design. Lightweight, durable and engineered for optimum performance, Naish windsurf boards are designed to meet the needs of elite riders and put world-class performance in the hands of weekend warriors. With one of the most iconic wavesailing spots in the world just minutes away from our global headquarters, the Hardline provides exceptional performance for intermediate sailors to the top professionals in the world. The Global is the most versatile Naish waveboard, delivering the necessary planing power to excel in everything from lightwind to the toughest onshore conditions, while retaining the playfulness and speed to feel natural in a wide variety of wave conditions. Our Kailua range brings Naish quality to beginners and schools. No matter what your skill level or where you are sailing, there's a Naish board designed to take you to the next level.

Watch the Hardline video HERE»

Watch the Global video HERE»


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