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Point 7 introduces the new 2018 sails collection.


Windsurf equipment: 2018 Point 7 sails collection

Dear press,

It´s with great excitement, that we present to you our Zero18 sail range. The result of a continuous and vigorous development process, where details have been cared for over the years, modified and perfected. This new range is not only completed based on our work, but also with the help of a whole community of top level riders, our Black Team and a prototyping program, where no expenses are spared!
UMR 0355
Lots of stuff has happened for this new range. Amongst other things, we have got a whole new sail, the Salt Pro, which has already performed maximum scoring moves in the hands of Ricardo Campello. It is a fusion between our existing Salt and Salt Campello, and leaves very little to the imagination in terms of performance.
Furthermore, the Slash Freestyle sail now is available down to 3.6m2 and is getting top feedback from our riders. 
The flatwater sails also have gotten an overhaul with optimisations done on our AC-K, AC-X and AC-F. And as for the World Champion sail, the AC-ONE, its ALWAYS under development, and we strive towards making the seemingly impossible, possible, making it even better on the race course!

Vinante P7 4 X2
You can access our whole catalog here:
For any other enquiries about our new sail range, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us!
Remember, at Point-7 we are all windsurfers. We enjoy this amazing sport every day, share our experiences and push our limits.
This is why all of our sails are made with that extra touch of passion you won´t find elsewhere!
Point 7

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