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Naish International ha appena annunciato il primo prodotto della collezione Naish Windsurfing 2015, la tavola Global, e ci ha mandato la descrizione completa del prodotto, le foto e le considerazioni dei designers. Le pubblichiamo volentieri, per far conoscere a tutti i windsurfers questa nuova tavola wave.


Tavola da Windsurf Naish Global - Onshore Wave 2015

NEW Global Onshore Wave 

Product description 

Naish Global S Deck


The Global is a multifaceted wave board that naturally delivers speed,
maneuverability and responsive performance in both flatwater and onshore wave

It features added tail volume for increased planing power in backside turns and when
crossing over whitewater. Sailors will also take comfort in the superior grip in bottom
and top turns while backside riding due to its harder mid-section rails. It can also
double as a high wind flatwater board thanks to its superior planing potential in a
variety of conditions.

Although designed to be fast and easy to ride to make the most of onshore
conditions, the Global is also a blast in small sideshore waves!

 2015 Naish Global M Bottom

Key Features:

  • Fast Rocker = Extremely early planing + rail-to-rail carving with ease 
  • Sharp Mid-section Rails = Superior grip & speed in bottom & top turns for 
  • backside riding 
  • Added Tail Volume = Added planing power in turns & when crossing white 
  • water 
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps = Comfortable fit + easy adjustment 
  • High Density Footpads = Excellent board feel 
  • Thruster Fin Set-up = Outstanding trim range + precision board control 
  • US Boxes = Adjustable fin positioning 
  • Construction: 
  • Carbon Inegra PVC Deck = Lightweight + stiff + impact strength 
  • HDX Sandwich Bottom & Pine Layer = Structural integrity & flex + impact 
  • resistance 
  • CNC Cut EPS Core = Absolute precision shaping 

Sizes: S (78), M (88), L (98)

2015 Global Designers Notes

Naish Global (picture by Franck Berthuot)

    (picture by Franck Berthuot)

What inspired the NEW 2015 Global?
The original design brief started out as a designated onshore wave board, but the
prototypes performed so incredibly well that we decided to use that to our advantage
and create a Global wave board...a fantastic board for all kinds of wave and wind
conditions. We really focused on making the 2015 Global an extremely early planing
board that still has amazing wave riding ability.


What type of windsurfers will enjoy this board?
Anyone looking for a wave board that allows them to have fun in any kind of wave
conditions, ranging from ideal to challenging. The 2015 Global feels at home when
planing power is crucial, especially in onshore locations like Sylt or the North Sea in
general. We even recommend the board as a bump and jump board for places like
The Gorge or Lake Garda with its stronger morning winds. The Global really has an
amazing ability to adapt to all conditions and riders.

What is it about the Global that makes it responsive in onshore conditions?
The combination of a fast & progressive rocker and harder mid-section rails with
tucked under edges, help the Global have amazing upwind capabilities, great
acceleration, rail-to-rail carving with ease, and responsive performance.

Besides onshore conditions, what else can this board handle? How versatile is

The 2015 Global is a great board for a wide range of wave and water conditions,
from onshore waves, to side shore, to bump and jump flat water conditions. This board really has no limits!If you’re a rider looking for a fast, fun, and versatile board that will work great in just about any condition Mother Nature throws at you, this is the board for you! From
Kailua to Sylt, Lake Garda to The Gorge, this board will help bring out the best in
sailors of all levels and handle it when they push the limits.

 Naish Global (picture by: Franck Berthuot)

   (picture by Franck Berthuot)

“After riding the 2015 Global S, I feel like heading back to Sylt to compete in onshore
conditions again!” - Kai Lenny

“I can not imagine a better combination between early planing, incredible speed and
turning ability. This range will be my first choice not only for sailing at the Wesh
Center in Leucate, but also during the intensely famous storms that hit the French
Atlantic Coast.” - Julien Taboulet

All texts copyrights by Naish International. Published under permission. Images copyright stated.

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