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I bought the Sooruz 2 mm open mittens, and the Flow ST 3 mm boots, for my winter windsurfing sessions. Also this time, the French brand has really satisfied me.


Sooruz: 2 mm open mittens, and 3 mm FLOW ST boots


Every time, I try to use a Sooruz product, I can't help but notice the quality, and the intelligence with which the articles of this French brand are designed and manufactured. I assure you that Sooruz does not pay me to write these words. Try it yourself to believe.

Water sports in France have long been practiced assiduously and seriously by a very large number of practitioners. This creates a significant market, and also ensures that there are many expert enthusiasts who can provide input for product design.

After having tested the Sooruz Fighter 4/3 Zipless wetsuit with extreme satisfaction, when I needed to replace my worn mittens and my shoes, for sessions in the coldest months of the year on Lake Como (temperature of air and water about 10 degrees), I had no doubts, and I remained faithful to this brand.


Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 005

Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 001



As for the mittens, I chose the Open Mittens 2 mm 2022. 

The manufacturer describes the product as follows: "Limestone G3 flex neoprene gloves 100% Storm-dry 2 lining for a feeling of comfort, warmth and quick drying. The gloves are open at the palm level to improve sensitivity and have a better grip. GBS reinforced seams. The perfect glove for water sports in cold waters".

Indeed, the softness of the neoprene is striking, as well as the comfort they give when worn. The seams appear very resistant, and the protection from the cold is effective. The inner lining dries quickly. There is not much more that can be said about such a product. In a nutshell, they are mittens that do their job very well, and seem to guarantee a good duration. List price: 35 euros.


Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 010

Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 011


As for the boots, I bought the Sooruz Surf Boots Flow ST 3 mm 2023. ST indicates that the big toe is separated (separate toe). The manufacturer describes the product as follows: "The FLOW Split Toe model is flexible, elastic and keeps your feet warm during winter sessions. Thickness: 3mm. Interior in Storm Dry (comfort, warmth and quick drying), in recycled polyester. Bonded seams (GBS) for strength and warmth. Easy to put on."

Also in this case, the first thing that strikes you is the softness of the material, which in any case appears resistant, and the comfort in wearing them, and above all in taking the foot out at the end of the session when you're tired (which is quite important to me). I was skeptical about taking them with the toe separated, but I must say that the foot actually stays firmer inside the shoe, and this guarantees better control of the board.


Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 001

Windsurf Sooruz gloves boots 006


The lining ensures that the foot remains warm (obviously, in combination with a suitably thick wetsuit), and dries quite quickly (at home, in a couple of days, unless you use a hair dryer to shorten the time). And it doesn't smell bad. There is also a 5 mm version, but for my colder rides, 3 mm is enough, and it doesn't penalize the foot sensitivity on the board too much.

The sole guarantees excellent grip, and protects the foot quite well when walking on dirt or stones. However, in order not to wear it too much, it is necessary to limit the walks with the shoes to short distances. Finally, just a litlle advice: since the boots are made of soft material, they tend to get a bit longer and larger; so, it's better to choose a size that fits your foot exactly, or even a bit smaller.

In short, even for the boots, considering that I love windsurfing barefoot, I found an excellent compromise between sensitivity and protection. List price: 65 euros.

Good choice. Fabio

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