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I recently took advantage of a promotion, and bought a Sooruz Fighter 4/3 Zip-free Navy wetsuit. The opportunity was profitable to discover Sooruz, a very interesting brand, which produces really well-made wetsuits. In this article, I summarize my first impressions.


Windsurfing: Sooruz Fighter 4/3 Zip-free Navy wetsuit test

The wetsuit I purchased is a 2018 product, but the series is still in production with more recent equivalent models (see manufacturer's website).

From a technical point of view, the wetsuit has the following salient characteristics:

It is made with G3-Flex, a neoprene made from limestone. BLACK DIAMOND lamination, and new exclusive Soöruz STORM-DRY 2 lining. Seams are glued and blind stitched and neotaped on the inside on critical zones. Kneepads are strengthened with duraflex. The pre-fitted shape offers a higher freedom of movement. The range is very wide and diversified from Zip Free, to Chest zip and Back Zip.








Usage impressions

First of all, I have to say that it is a really soft and comfortable product. It is my first zip-free wetsuit, but, after some uncertainty on the occasion of the first few times I wore it, I can now put on and take off this wetsuit easily.

Secondly, the attention to details is striking (seams, arms and legs ends, chest opening to get into the wetsuit), which shows how the product has been studied in collaboration with experts, practicing water sports.

The neoprene is very resistant, it gives the impression of having a high resistance to tearing and surface wear.

The wetsuit is comfortably warm, first of all because it is zip-free, and this guarantees the entry of little water between the wetsuit and the body. Secondly, the feeling of warmth is guaranteed by the internal plush lining (see photo), at the torso level.

Finally, as visible in the photo above, I would like to point out that the wetsuit is cleverly equipped with a lining sewn at the neck level, where the car metal key can be safely stored.

In short, I guess that even for the replacement of my other wetsuits of different thickness, when the time will come, I will remain faithful to this brand. Which, not surprisingly, is the one used by Thomas Traversa ....

Ciao. Fabio 


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