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An excellent freestylewave fin, able to make your FSW board more lively.


Test: MFC Windsurf Fin - Freewave G10 2017/18

MFC FREEWAVE 2017/2018

Technical data:



Box Systems:

US Base & Powerbox

Available Sizes:

> 21cm / 193.05 cm2
> 23cm / 210.40 cm2
> 25cm / 228.74 cm2
> 28cm / 260.28 cm2
> 30cm / 283.49 cm2
> 32cm / 304.62 cm2
> 34cm / 323.79 cm2
> 36cm / 342.81 cm2

Producer website

Producer declaration: the new freewave has been updated to last version with a straight leading edge for the first 10-12cm of the base to help the fin accelerate quickly, get planning early and achieve maximum speed. We have designed it with less tip than a classic freewave but in square shape that helps keep the surface area bigger. This shorter tip allows for less drag at maximum speed. The profile of the fin has been modified on the second half of the fins, from center to tip to provide more flexibility of the G10.




Test result:

It is a truly multi-purpose fin. In the lower sizes, it will be able to transform your board, making it much more reactive with strong winds and small sails, above all, thanks to the shape, characterized by a winning compromise between backward curvature and surface. The rigidity of the material will allow you to use the same size even with relatively larger sails, without losing too much resistance.

Vote: 10

The fin can be purchased on Amazon:




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