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After reporting the results of the French Windmag magazine tests carried out on 2017 freewave boards (read article), we complete the examination of this equipment category by taking into consideration the tests carried out, by the same magazine, on freewave (or all round) sails.

As always, here, we will only give you a summary of the tests, and we invite you to buy the March-April 2017 issue of the magazine for all the details on the tests conducted.


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The tested sails (all, in the size around 5 square meters) are as follows::

1) Gaastra Cross 5.6

2) Goya Sails Nexus 5.9

3) Gun Sails Torro 5.7

4) Loft Sails Airscape 5.2

5) Neil Pryde Fusion HD 5.5

6) North Sails Volt 5.6

7) RRD Move 5.7 MK5

8) Severne Gator 5.7

9) Simmer Sails Enduro 5.9



The Gaastra Cross is a freewave and a freeride sail at the same time. It switched to constant curve mast and has a different layout of the panels, compared to 2016 model. It is a very docile, simple maneuvering sail that gives harmonic feelings, and can act as a unique sail for the practice of multiple disciplines: fast freeride, jumps, having fun with some surfing.




The small sizes of the Goya Sails Nexus have an outline more focused for maneuverability, while larger sizes are more designed to provide power with light winds, and speed. Overall, however, this is a freerider-oriented sail that ensures a decisive propulsion in uncertain wind days, ensuring early planing; It also allows some incursion among the waves, with a stable profile.

The Gun Sails Torro is a reference among all round sails. It's fine in flat waters, in the first waves, to spit in the chop, to surf, and jump. It has a wide range of wind, and is easy to sail. Centered on the bump and jump, it will capture the kind of rider who comes to the beach to have fun without thinking.

Loft Sails Airscape is a freestyle model, also proposed for bump and jump. It has good potential at low regimes, and an extraordinary reactivity without losing anything in agility. It will appeal to riders looking for lightweight, explosive, and neutral sail.


goya17 nexus action


The Neil Pryde Fusion 2017 prefers the offshore rides with a single fin freeride board. It has a propulsive character, and will allow you to exploit also uncertain wind days. It is more power than maneuverability oriented.

The North Sails Volt is the 5 battens wave sail from NS, but it is a versatile model. Small additional battens stabilize the profile, and transverse strips increase the wind range within which it can be used. It's fine on the long rides, but it's a shame if it is not used in the waves, or in bump and jump conditions, to explore the qualities of reactivity on the short rides.

RRD Move has a maneuverability cut (4.2 to 5.2), bump and jump (5.7 and 6.2), or power cut (6.7 and 7.2), depending on the sizes. The 5.7 (the tested version) is more specific for B & J, or for freeriding with short rides. It can be used with freewave boards in flat water, with strong winds, or with small volume boards to take off, appreciating the power of its accelerations.

The Severne Gator is produced in 14 sizes ranging from 3.7 to 8.0, and from 4 to 5, and then 6 battens! Small sails are wave sails, the intermediate ones are freemove, the greater sizes are freeride sails. It is a very multi-purpose sail, with an balanced dose of comfort and nervousness. It will conquer you both among the waves and in flat waters, with effective pumping, despite a small encumbrance.


2017 Severne Sails Gator


The Simmer Enduro has an unchanged cut in 2017, but tissues layout has been rethought, gaining weight and flexibility in use. It covers a wide range of conditions, satisfying both long-distance in choppy condtions fast rides lovers, but also those who love the waves.


In summary:

- Goya, Neil Pryde, RRD, and Simmer stand out for stability with sustained winds, and are therefore more freeride-oriented;

- Gun Sails, Gaastra, and Severne are the most versatile sails in the range, and the French magazine's testers have fallen in love with last two;

- North Sails Volt, and Loft Sails are expressive sails. The first is basically a wave sail that offers a lot of maneuverability in short rides and moderate speeds. The Loft is an explosive bomb, which will give a lot of reactivity for tricks in flat waters or among the waves.

For further information, buy Windmag! If you want, add your impressions in the comments at the end of the article.


Hang loose. Fabio


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