Windsurfing: freestyle maneuvers catalog
Many of you will have happened to be in a spot, seeing a windsurfer performing a freestyle maneuver, and wondering which maneuver he/she is landing. It may be simple curiosity, but more often you would like to learn it, and then you need to know its name, to look for instructional material that explains it clearly. We have therefore decided to classify them and create a catalog of freestyle maneuvers to help you, to get that purpose.
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If you love windsurfing, you've come to the right place. This is the website where you can share your passion for this wonderful sport. Here we share the emotions and stories of our sessions, we share experiences, and all information that may be useful for the practice of windsurfing.
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Are you windsurfing addicted? Would you like to report your sessions? Do you travel a lot, and do you know many spots, or you like to discover new ones? Dou you also take good photos, or nice videos (or, do you have a friend who can do for you)? Well, then you're the right man/woman to cooperate with Waterwind.it!
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Waterwind.it is the website dedicated to all fans of watersports, expecially of windsurfing, and to Mountain sports addicted. With about 50,000 page views per month, it can be an excellent opportunity to advertise your business at affordable prices. You will give us a hand to let the site grow.
Waterwind Windsurf Market
The best place to buy and sell your windsurf equipment!
The sailing corner
Sailing journeys, dinghies sessions, and some tips
Waveriding is the windsurfing discipline that attracts me most. Playing with waves power is a magical feeling. In this article, I will gather some basic concepts for those who, like me, want to begin this way of windsurfing.
The rich section dedicated to weather infos
Spots reviews
Lots of windsurf spots reviewed for you
Our cool gadgets to make you feel a real windsurfer
Lots of suggestings to buy your equipment: shops, manufacturers, tests, and much more
Water sports shops
A collection of water sports shops world wide
Windsurf and watersports schools and rentals
A useful collection of school and rental centers world wide
Theory and technique
Lots of useful articles about maneuvers and self made works
Windsurf sessions reports
Our excting reports about windsurfing sessions and holidays
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Making Waterwind.it exciting every day, requires a lot of work, and resources. But the success that you are acknowledging to us, pushes us to move forward, and to improve our website and your experience....
Absolute beginner
How to begin your windsurfing adventure

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Making Waterwind.it exciting every day, requires a lot of work, and resources. But the success that you are acknowledging to us, pushes us to move forward, and to improve our website and your experience....


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