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Although Waterwind, at the time, is more oriented to the world of windsurfing, we decided to dedicate some space to sailing, and, in particular, to dinghies (but not only: we also like greater boats!).


Sailing: read our reports about our sailing trips

This section is dedicated to your stories, your reports, your sessions videos and photos about sailing day. Do not hesitate  to send them to us; we do not care if they are not professional movies or pictures, or if you are not an expert sailor. Water and wind, however, are a magical blend.

Last, in Waterwind forum, we opened a specific discussion category, "Sailing and Mountain" dedicated, also, to sailing; in the forum you can also publish buying and selling posts related to your boats!

Here, below, you can enjoy a collection of your sailing sessions videos.

We also created a fine selection of the best sailing videos, available in the web: go to the end of this page to enjoy it.

Good Winds!

Video archive of your sessions!


Here, you can find a fine selection of sailing videos we discovered on the web, and that we liked very much.


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