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I really wanted it. After the controversial last Ligurian weekend, I came to cure myself at Lake Garda. The therapy worked. The Pra' de la fam, today, gave 3 hours of Peler at over 30 knots and a finger-licking windsurfing session....

I knew that I would also have to take the 80 liters board and the 3.7 sail with me. What a beautiful wind blast at Pra 'de la Fam, the mythical and our beloved spot on Lake Garda. This morning we enjoyed a windsurfing session full power, with a bit capricious wind, initially, but which, from 10.00 onwards, turned out really nice.

A vacation day spent just very well! On Friday, excellent Peler right for a 4.2 at Pra' de la Fam, and sufficient Ora wind at Pier in Riva del Garda. Nice day of windsurfing to ease the tension due to the mess of everyday life .....

Mid-August with plenty of wind, in Malcesine, Lake Garda. Windsurfing session with a Peler over 30 knots, on 15; at Retelino parking there was a sold out.

The call of the Coudouliere and a windsurfing session in the waves was irresistible. On Monday and Tuesday, we were in France, to catch the Mistral wind, brought by one of the few summer Atlantic disturbances. On Monday, La Coudou gave us wind all day long, and a really fun session, with the added value of absolutely pleasant temperatures.

A short holiday in Sardinia with the aim of making my daughters fall in love with this beautiful land. And, of course, the Costa Smeralda has knocked them out ..... But I also had the pleasure to make some good windsurfing sessions in Porto Pollo, and Murta Maria.

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