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Fins are a technical subject often overlooked by many windsurfers. On the other hand, their influence on the windsurfing board's behavior is significant. The topic is wide, and relatively complicated. In this article, we try to face the argument, illustrating the most important concepts.

Federico Morisio (ITA 676), a professional athlete who has been involved in the IWT circuit in the last years, sent us this compelling report, unpublished, on his recent experience at the 2019 edition of the Aloha Classic, held in Ho'okipa, Maui, Hawaii. 

No cambers freeride sails now cover a wider and wider field of use: from sails for the general public and easy gliding, to powerful and nervous ones for the more experienced riders who sail with slalom boards. In this article, we summarize the results of tests conducted by the French magazine Windmag on 2019 sails.

After reviewing the 2019 wave boards, in this article we will consider this year's wave sails, and summarize the results of the accurate tests conducted by the French magazine Windmag.

Freeriding is one of the most popular windsurfing disciplines. The well-known French magazine Windmag has tested 6 models of 2019 freeride boards. In this article, we summarize the tests results.

The offer of windsurf wave boards is now really wide, with quite different shapes and features, which make the boards suitable for different conditions and spots. We summarize the test results of the French magazine Windmag, relating to the 2019 models.

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