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Are you going to buy another board or a new sail? Are you considering an ad in a second hand equipment market? The best thing is always to try the equipment in a rental center, before buying, or asking a friend to borrow it for a while.

When the first mists, and first grey autumn atmospheres begin to take over the Po valley, what's better than a nice trip to Liguria to enjoy the wind, and the clear light of a beautiful sunny day? If on the spot you also happen to meet, by chance, your friends, and you can enjoy a pleasant session with them, the alchemy is perfect!

Bordighera, on Sunday, November 18, 2018, has made us just a nice gift, with very good conditions for windsurfing. Much more beautiful because unexpected, and in spite of the catastrophic scenarios reported by newspapers, with a springtime temperature.

After the big success of last year article, Carlo Piscitelli proposes, for the 2015 too, this valuable work with the results and the comments of 2015 boards and sails tests, from some of the most popular windsurfing magazines. We thank Carlo for the contribution and we give him the floor.

It's been a good week for Bora Wind in Sottomarina (Venice, Italy), the last one just passed, between late September and early October 2015. In the first part, it gave a lot of wind (though not always optimal as direction and stability), and waves to jump and surf. In the second half, the waves have become smaller, but more regular, and the skies have been covered. But the fun was not missed.

The spot of Bages - Port La Nautique, is one of the most beautiful and comfortable spot among the ones we tried in coastal ponds in the area of Gruissan, in France. It' s located near Narbonne, in the province of Languedoc Roussillon. Pleasant also the natural landscape around the village of Bages perched on a cliff, on the opposite shore, in front of the spot.

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