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My friend Peter, after climbing some of the most challenging peaks on the planet, discovered windsurfing ..... It is only one year since he practices our sport, with great enthusiasm, and this June he entered the fray ...; that is, he tried the mythical spot of Playa Sotavento, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain). Here is his story full of emotions, for which we thank him very much, and for which we confer the honorary recognition of "Proud member of Waterwind team"!


Windsurf holiday: Fuerteventura (Playa Sotavento)

There is still time to pull the emergency brake on this plane that takes me away from the paradise that has hosted us for a week of dream ... a week that has given us sun and wind at will.

We arrived on Thursday evening to Costa Calma, in our apartment rented on airbnb, from the agency Solymar Calma. Thirty Euros per day, spent very well, for an apartment 500 meters from the beach, with everything you need. Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and an ocean view terrace, where to take breakfast ...

On Friday, very little wind, and for a while we think of being in the wrong place. A walk around at the spots, to decide where to rent. First, we had a look to Ion Club at Costa Calma, which is a spot on the local beach in the midst of bathing facilities. At a glance, he did not fascinat me a lot, so we moved to Ion Club at Playa El Risco, a spot at the end of Playa Sotavento Lagoon, about 5 km from Costa Calma, 9 minutes by car: a very wild place with the possibility of surfing in the lagoon during high tide. The problem with this spot is a downside: with low tide, you have to walk approximately 300 meters with the equipment before entering the water. At this point, we decided to go and see Renè Egli, that is located about 3 km from Costa Calma, 5 minutes by car. It was love at first sight: the ocean with a fenced area in the shadow of the giant palm trees offers everything a surfer and his girlfriend, wife, lover could want. Sunbeds, umbrellas, great music and all the equipment you need for the big tournament.



Identical prices to Ion Club. I had an equipment rental 4 out of 6, that allows you to have 4 non-consecutive days with no time limit, in six days. It was the winning choice. Friday they advised me not to go into the water for the low wind. Guido, the head of Rene, a very nice Italian, was the best guide I could ever wish for all the surfing holiday. We decided with my girlfriend Patty to have trips exploring beaches in the morning, and to surf in the afternoon, when the wind generally increased and the low tide reduced waves height, greater in the morning. Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions were fantastic.....

The wind, there, is almost always offshore a bit gusty. I started with a JP Magic ride from 145L, to pass to a 135L on Sunday. Controlled glides without feet in the straps, with small jumps on the waves, made me realize that I could be more daring.

Monday, however, the wind decided to show up, with over 35 knots and very gusty; so I decided not to risk and to play my first wildcard. We visited the north of the island, which is something wonderful. Obligatory stop in Corralejo and El Cotillo, where you have La Concha, a white beach with a crystalline lagoon that will leave you breathless.
Recommended dinner to restaurant Bahia, in La Pared, with magnificent sunset over the ocean: you will earn a mega bonus with your partner to play it in the coming days ... or the same evening.
foto7 1

Tuesday even stronger wind, less than the day before, but with very high wave (at least for me), which surpassed 1.5 meters, offshore.

Guido advised me to stake the second wild card, and once again the choice was a winning one, because on Wednesday, I shot more than seven hours of windsurfing in fantastic conditions! This time I dared to go down in volume, and I tried a Starboard 121L that made me enjoy very much. I started the day with waterstart, a little patience, an hour of trial, and here it comes one after the other.
At this point, I start, and in more than one, I entered the front foot in the strap without losing the glide. Entering the one behind in the strap, though, still sent me upwind. In one of these glides, I passed side of Alejandro, one of the instructors of Rene Center, who immediately explained to me where I was wrong. The feet are to be inserted one after another immediately without hesitation: pam-pam, as he said, and keeping the weight on the front one. Still some falls..., but I understood the concept. I said to me: tomorrow morning.... all or nothing!
And here I am full of adrenaline Thursday morning. I start again with the Starboard 121L and a 6.2 Premium Hornet ... Immediately on plane, still some "flights"... trying to place my feet int he straps. But then ... pam-pam and here I am with both feet inside and I go as a rocket ... but a gust gets me down, a little further. Scream of joy, and some concern for all people, to which I'll have to pay to drink.  
Thursday morning is too short: a plane will take us home in the afternoon. So, I decide for some rides, even with my feet out of the straps, not to waste time with too many falls, and to finish the session, with a last ride with my feet inside. Another 4 hours rocking! I'm happy, I had a dream windsurfing week, and we drove around the island from one side to the other, and I have reached the goal.
Yahoooooooooo !!!!!!
Pietro Vataman

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A short video sent by Pietro, beachstarting and going offshore.

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