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Easter 2019: lots of wind in South France and Sardinia!

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16 Avr 2019 10:09 #6694 par ita4012
It seems that it will be a beautiful Easter, with easy easy wind forecasts ....

First of all, the temperatures will rise and return, in many places, around 20 °C, which is not bad ....

Secondly, the different long-term and low-resolution models (ECMWF and ICON) all indicate that East wind will blow from Thursday 18 (afternoon) to Monday 22 April 2019.

On Thursday afternoon, light east wind (15-20 knots) from Liguria (Arma di Taggia / Bordighera), up to Marseille! All the intermediate spots of Southern France will work from Cannes, Beauvallon (Saint Maxime - side wind, and waves), Hyeres (onshore, however), Carrò.

On Friday, 19 same situation in the same spots with stronger East wind, and a little more waves.

Almost a break on Saturday, with a light East / North East between Bordighera and Saint Maxime.

Easter Sunday, day off. Think to your family!

Easter Monday, a big day, with a strong east wind from Liguria to Cape D'Agde (north-east in Liguria; south-east in the Cape d'Agde area), and a nice waves!

On the same days, the wind will also blow well over Sardinia, in the northern and southern spots, practically uninterrupted from Thursday to Monday, including Easter.

To the North, Thursday and Friday, good wind from East / North-East in the area of ​​Stintino, and, especially Friday, also in the area of ​​the Bocche di Bonifacio (Porto Pollo and Santa Teresa). On Saturday, in these areas there will still be a lighter wind, which will then resume blowing strongly on Easter Sunday, and, expecially, Easter Monday very strong.

But in Sardinia it will also be windy in the South area spots, from Chia to Sant'Antioco / Carlo Forte. The days of Friday, and especially of Sunday and Monday will be those with the strongest
wind.East / South East wind. In the spots of Cagliaritano (Chia), even beautiful wave formed.

Tuesday, in Sardinia, wind rotation from South East with likely wind in the East coast (Arbatax and San Teodoro).

In short, there will be a lot of fun.

Hello. Fabio

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