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Gruissan (France), june 2017 (good old memories - 10 min to ease your mind)

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16 Avr 2020 10:18 - 16 Avr 2020 10:23 #9475 par ita4012
From 15 to 17 June 2017, me and my friend Andrea spent a few days in France, in the Gruissan - Leucate area.

For me, it was nice to go back to that region, which I had already explored in 2015, and which confirmed to be perfect for progressing and experimenting, for the quality of the wind and the water level. The water surface, in the spots, is flat, or characterized by a modest chop, and the conditions are perfect for speed, slalom, freeride, and freestyle. The scenarios are wild, varied, and enchanting, and the north wind, when it starts, blows strongly and for several days in row, generally. No waves here, if you don't have Sirocco (South East). But, as I have already written here, those who believe that windsurfing is worthwhile only with the waves, have not understood anything about this sport ... (and who writes this was, a few months ago, in South Africa....).

After a very fun training session at Lake Garda ( - only in italian, but you can use google translate button), the next day, we left by car from Milan to France, covering the 800 km, which, unfortunately, separate us from paradise ....
I still remember everything about that holiday: the trip, the quite simple campsite in Alenya, the first sunset session in Le Goulet, the magnificent day in Gruissan, the session in Barcares, in the middle of some giant jellyfishes, the beautiful sessions in Hyeres , on the return ..... Dinners and chats, at 11.00 pm after so many hours in the water, the apricot fields, where you can proceed to the harvest, and then go to the farm to pay.
I would like to be back there and live those moments again, right now ....
I leave you to the trip report, to read all the details:

In the next reports, we will go first to Sicily (Stagnone and Puzziteddu), and then I will tell you about the usual summer time at Garda, with two sessonss with my 3.7 sail ....

Good day. Fabio

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