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New EZZY Sails 2022

01 Mar 2022 14:05 #13989 por ita4012
Warm days are just in front of us and we have to get ready for the season. Very soon new Ezzy sails are coming to our store, there for we would like to give you some updates. The sails will arrive middle of April(instead of middle of March as orderd), so you can already preorder them. There are some very interesting news in 2022. David Ezzy needed one sail that would satisfy his two loves, foiling and windsurfing. He took what he learned from the past 4 years of foiling and combined it with his 40 years of wave and freeriding to come up with the sail called Cross. 

The Cross is  a great option for bump’n’jump and freeride as well as the foil. We recommend Cheetah riders to look at the 4.7 Cross as the next size below the 5.5. The Cross works great as a standalone foil sail or windsurf sail.  

David realized that the traditional method of scaling sails caused the boom lengths to be too short on the small sizes. Which is why small sails under 4.0 usually have an on/off feeling. The Cross fixes this by keeping the boom length the same from 4.7 and down, resulting in much more stability in the smaller sizes. It also eliminates the need to purchase a shorter boom for the small sizes. The Cross is maneuverable and light in the hands, providing a bump-n-jump freeride experience, whereras the Cheetah provides a locked-in freeride experience. For high wind freeriding, we recommend the 4.7 Cross as the next size below the 5.5 Cheetah.

There are also small upgrades in Cheetah and Lion. 

The Cheetah is reshaped. The new sail feels lighter in the hands, making pumping easier as well as jibes. 

The Lion went through similar changes as the Cheetah. The biggest change is the feeling how easy the new Lion is to jibe. Note that the Lion comes with all cam options again. 


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