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Sardinia, autumn 2017 (good old memories - 10 min to ease your mind)

30 Abr 2020 16:16 #9607 por ita4012
How much I miss Sardinia ...
In these first days of May 2020, I had planned to go there, to windsurf, but also to enjoy its incredible panoramas.
And instead I'm here at home, remembering a truly incredible trip that dates back to the autumn of 2017.
It's enough to say that, with friends (Andrea, Sergio, and Thomas from Germany), we discovered Funtana Meiga, a wave spot, which gives wonderful sessions.
And it wentreally well, because we caught two consecutive days of mistral and waves .....
Here you have the report of those two beautiful days:

But we also had the opportunity to admire Capo Mannu, probably the truest wave spot in the whole Mediterranean sea, with ocean like waves. I still have in my eyes and my mind the images and emotions of the walk I took on the promontory: the cliffs and the waves that crashed against them, the splashes and the wind that hissed on the promontory. And then I had the opportunity to admire Roberto Festa in the water, while surfing waves of 4-5 meters ..... We must go back there as soon as possible.
Here you have the Capo Mannu report:

We ended our holiday with a session at La Pelosa spot in Stintino, where the sea has Caribbean colours...
Here you have the report of Stintino (in italian, but you can use google translate button, placed above the text): -nodi.html

It is still not entirely clear whether we can go back to the water for windsurfing from next week, in Italy. I still hope for the miracle.
If not, I still have many good reports from 2018 (Bordighera, Morocco, Portugal, ....), with which to help you, as far as possible, to endure the suffering of the lockdown ....

And try to think positive: to our returning to the water, there are fewer days than at the beginning of the lockdown ....

Hi. Fabio

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