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Coudouliere - Le Brusc, May 2017 (good old memories - 10 min to ease your mind)

12 Abr 2020 13:46 - 12 Abr 2020 14:47 #9453 por ita4012
Couldn't I ease your mind on Easter day?
In this post, I will tell you about my first time at Coudouliere!

As I mentioned in a previous message, 2017 was a year with a lot of sea sessions, and a lot of trips to France.
In May (19 and 20), we made a nice short journey to France for a few days, to enjoy some Mistral days.
The first day we went out at Hyeres, which always offers sessions in a very beautiful landscape (here the report: - only in italian, but you can use google translate button).
But the highlight of the trip was the day of May 20. We began our ride at Le Brusc, but I crossed the bay, and went to explore the Coudouliere, from which I was irresistibly attracted. I still remember the good feeling as I approached the Coudou, and I noticed the waves growing in size and becoming more orderly. A great emotion that I have not forgotten.
To be true, it was only a taste, that time.
I didn't stay at Coudou for long, also for fear of not being able to return to Le Brusc, in case of problems. Today, I no longer do such crazy things and go out directly from Coudou, a spot that I love, which, by now, I have explored well (including the harbor cliff ...). I miss it damn .....
Once, back in Le Brusc, I remember the first meeting with a Milanese freestyler, Stefano (Bertalero). By now, with Stefano we often meet at Lake Garda, or on Lake Como.
Le Brusc is a very fun spot, too, which offers a beautiful water level, a nice environment, and an equally fascinating panorama.
Here, the report of the day of May 20:

In the next post, we will remain in France again, and I will tell you about the beautiful, and no less memorable, trip to Gruissan with Andrea (the Doctor....).

Meanwhile, best wishes for a Happy Easter, confined!


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