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Sardinia, april 2017 (good old memories - 10 min to ease your mind)

08 Abr 2020 13:13 #9422 por ita4012
The trip to Sardinia, in April 2017, was a turning point, which made me definitely fall in love with this unique island.
Everything was perfect, both the windsurfing sessions and the trips to see landscapes. And even the friends company was, as often happens, very pleasant.
This time, I give you the gem during the week, drawing on the endless collection of Waterwind articles.

On that occasion, I returned for the first time, after 5 years to Porto Pollo, where I really learned to get planing, in a unique natural setting. We disembarked from the ferry at Olbia at 6.00, and at about 11.00 we were already in the water, in the emerald and Caribbean sea of ​​Sardinia .....
Here you can find the report of the sessions in Porto Pollo of those days:

Between sessions, I went to visit Capo d'Orso, and I was enchanted by the view of the incredible panorama over the Bonifacio channel, up to Corsica, and on the Maddalena archipelago. It's all still indelibly carved in my memory.

But that trip is dear to me, above all, for the discovery of the spot of La Cinta in San Teodoro, with the sirocco: a very long white beach, with the image of the Tavolarfa island, in the background, to the north, a sea with crazy shades of color, and a wind - the sirocco - that blows with perfect constancy over San Teodoro. Of course, it's a spot for bump and jump sessions, and not waveriding. Perhaps, some experienced windsurfers will consider it an unworthy spot, because it is less demanding. Well ...., I don't use many words: who doesn't appreciate the beauty of windsurfing in a place like San Teodoro with the sirocco, has not understood anything about windsurfing ....
Just to make you understand the quality of the wind, because of its constancy, the first day, with sirocco on 18-20 knots, I went out with the 5.5 sail, and, first with the 106-liter board, but then I could pass safely to 86 liters, since there were no wind lulls at all.
The second day went even better, with the wind again constant, but even stronger, and I used the 86 with the 4.2 ...
Warm day, 26 degrees, in April!

Here, the reports of the outputs in San Teodoro:
I still remember, among other things, a blond rider, who performed perfect fast backwinded tacks, even with a 74 liter tabou pocket! Enjoy his skills in the video at the end of the article. If anyone knows the rider, tell us, so we can congratulate with him.

To close, a consideration linked to the news of these days: I really hope that, after this bad Covid matter, the friends of Sardinia will be able to return to welcome us. It's important to help the many tour operators on the island to get up again, and to help us to recover our state of mind, which is pretty bad....

Below, a selection of photos. The rest can be found in the articles (and don't miss them!).

Ajò. Fabio

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