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Cannes, 12-13/2/2017 (good old memories - 10 min to ease your mind)

03 Abr 2020 10:08 - 03 Abr 2020 14:24 #9402 por ita4012
Special attention must be paid to the memory of this trip to Cannes ....
In many ways, it was a special occasion.
It was the first time ever that I rode in Cannes, and the first time with an East wind.
And Cannes, with an easterly wind, can really offer very fun sessions.
We started in three from Milan, Michele and Valentino and me, and we really had two nice days, both on Sunday and Monday. And then, the added value of the Mediterranean sea, on winter time, with its always fascinating panoramas, and mild temperatures. How nice it is to ride towards Ile Saint Marguerite!
On Sunday, we immediately caught a 25-30 knots wind, and waves 2-3 meters high. On Monday, conditions even slightly more demanding.
It was also the first time I had the new Nikon Rflex camera with me, to immortalize the other riders in the water, and the difference in the quality of the photos was immediately evident.
Looking back at the photos today I realize how many familiar faces were there, as usual, on the spot. In addition to the friends already mentioned, with whom I made the trip by car together, the many French local riders, including the always present Orion (Gunsails); and then Max from Genoa, with whom, recently, I went to South Africa, who had even worn a helmet for the occasion!
And then Michelino, a globetrotter of windsurfing, who had been to Beauvallon the day before, then returned to Milan in the evening, and the following morning had come back to Cannes! But he's so young ,,,, (in the picture the white haired guy...).

Here is the report of that memorable and exciting trip:

And below, some photos. The rest can be found in the article.

Hello. Fabio

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