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17 december 2016, Imperia, Italy (good old memories, 10 min of distraction)

29 Mar 2020 12:53 - 29 Mar 2020 22:08 #9376 por ita4012
There are certain windsurfing sessions that are indelibly printed in the mind: for conditions offered by the spot, for the beauty of the day, and above all (I wrote it here several times), for the pleasant friends company .....

My friend Marco and I still remember very well the session at Imperia La Rabina, Liguria, Italy, on 17 December 2016, .... 17 degrees, steady wind, good for my 4.7, perfect logistics, and the pleasure of being together.

I shared my car with Remy, another friend of mine. It was a beautiful day from start to its finish. Ezzy panther 2 4.7 and Fanatic freewave 105. At that time, I started to close some decent power jibes, I was still sweating to close the fast tacks. But it doesn't matter. It was one of those days in which the sea gave us wonderful sensations, one of those days when, I confess, I envy the Ligurian friends: I would like to live there and not near Milan, and stop there at the end of the day. I had to be content with the image of the beautiful sunset, sipping something at the bar by the sea, before driving back home.

Here is the report of the session:

In the next post, I will move on to 2017, which was an amazing year (it is enough to remember the double trip to Sardinia), and which began immediately with the discovery of some really fun spots in France: Coudouliere, and Cannes palm beach.

Yesterday, here on the Como and Garda lakes, very beautiful thermic wind, typical of spring time, which nobody could enjoy. We will still have to be very patient before going back to windsurfing. But let's see the glass half full: since the beginning of this coronavirus issue, there are fewer days left until we return to the water!

Have a nice Sunday. Fabio

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