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19-25 August 2013 – Evia Island and Peloponnese, Ionian islands (Lefkada)



DATE: 19.08.2013
SPOT: Karystos – Ag. Paraskevi beach
Weather: Sunny
Wind: Meltemi
Sail: 4,4 mt. 
VOTE: ***   
COMMENTS: never surfed in a more beautiful place (with regards to landscape), gusty but very flat

DATE: 20.08.2013
SPOT: Loutsa Nassikia beach - West Attica
Weather: Sunny
Wind: Meltemi 
Sail: 4,8/5,3 mt.
VOTE: ***   
COMMENTS: very beatiful ride with friends. At evening, to see local riders with great sails going very very fast increases my self-confidence, so that I try to go off shore with them!!!!

DATE: 22.08.2013
SPOT: Vassiliki – Lefkada
Weather: Sunny
Wind: SW Thermal breeze
Sail: 5,0/5,4 mt.
VOTE: ***   
COMMENTS: we follow the new friends and after the  bad day of yesterday, wind finally arrives at around 16:30, and the bay is filled with sails !! Beautiful session even if the landscape is darker than the previous ones....
This spot is served by 4 well-equipped windsurfing centers (boards Fanatic, Starboard, JP and sails Tushingam, NS, Gaastra)!!

DATE: 23.08.2013
SPOT: Lefkada beach – Lefkada
Weather: Sunny
Wind: SW Thermal beach
Sail: 5,3/5,8 mt.
VOTE: *   
COMMENTS: very beatiful beach, but wind is not good as we imagined

DATE: 25.08.2013
SPOT: Mavrovouni – South East Peloponnese
Weather: Sunny
Wind: West
Sails: 5,3 mt. 
VOTE: ***   
COMMENTS: after a travel by car almost of 7 hours, we arrive to Mavrovouni, where in the afternoon usually you have a thermal wind.
Nice session, and it's fascinating to admire local young freestylers training.....

For the third week of holiday, we decide to take a look around Marmari and we discover a paradise: Ag. Paraskevi in Karystos.
Convinced by new friends, as the forecasts for the Meltemi were not good, we follow them in Lefkada, then we continue in the South Peloponnese, where fortunately we still find wind .....
Evia island is now marked in our best itineraries !!


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