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Marseille offers lots of interesting spots, within easy reach of each other. Le Prado with NW, can be a really a funny spot, with glassy waves and side wind.


Windsurf, spot review: Marseille Le Prado (France)

The spot is easy to reach (see map at the end of the article), and also offers good logistics on the shore. Generally, you get to the spot from Marseille center, driving along Avenue du Prado, until you reach the sea. Then, you turn left into Avenue Pierre Mendès France, which runs along the sea in the south direction. After 2-300 meters, you will see the spot beach on the right (at the Borely Horses Racecourse), and you'll find a parking place in one of the several car parks close to it. 


DSC 0007

DSC 0039

DSC 0043

You will rig your equipment at the parking lot, near the car, or in the dirt yards near the sea, looking for a windshield comfortable place. The spot works with winds from the North West or West, and with winds from the East or South East. In the first case, the spot offers wave conditions (also quite challenging with West). With winds from the East and South East, the spot offers flat or choppy water conditions, good for slalom or freeride. You exit from the sandy beach just south of the creek, shown in the map at the end of the article. We do not recommend leaving from the pebble beach immediately south of that beach, except in flat water conditions, and with good visibility of the bottom, as there are several submerged reefs on the shore that may damage your equipment. 

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On the waterfront (see point shown on the map), the public toilets, often found in France beaches (a sign of civilization), are available. Continuing south, along the waterfront (even on foot), at the first next roundabout, there is a dining area where you can eat something.

We do not know of windsurf shops in the area. Just south, though, you can find Pacific Palissades, a windsurfing rental center, near the other two Marseille spots (Pointe Rouge, and Les Glissants), where you can ride in this area.

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Aloha. Fabio 

Click here, to enjoy a slidegallery taken at the spot

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 The video of our session with NW

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