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This section is designed to help you easily find an accurate description of the spot you are interested. So we link the websites that publish guides to the best windsurfing spots in the world.

At the end of the page, we also propose some tours operators specialized in windsurfing and watersports holidays.

Generally, the reviews of the guides give you a description of the spot with all relevant information (prevailing winds, access to the spot, type of shoreline, etc..). 

But we would like that this became also a space dedicated to your stories about your favorite spots. We are all loyal to one or more spots, which are our preferred places to have nice windsurfing rides. 

Send us a detailed description of the spot; you'll provide an useful service to the community of windsurfers, and we will publish it, with pleasure. Do not forget to specify how to reach the spot, with which winds it works, what are the wave conditions that you can find there, dangers, and the logistics (where to buy food  - even just for a snack - housing, parking, and schools or hire centers, anemometers / webcams)..

Spots Guides

Windsurf Mag (United Kingdom - English) TouvetonspotNative (World - English) (World - German) SurfDose (World - English)
Bonifacio windsurf (Corsica - French)Allosurf (World - French)Suwa (Corsica - French)
Windsurf 83 (France - French)WindsrufBreizh22 (France - French) (Greece - Greek) (World - Holland)Windinfo (World - German)Windsurfquest (World - English)
Windsurf in WA (Australia - English) Windsurf New Zealand (New Zealand - English)
Windsurf Roma (Lazio, Italy - Italian) (Sardinia - Italian)WindsurfEsp (Spain - Spanish)
Ultimate freeride (Europe mainly - Italian)Windsurfing guide (Greece, Italian)
Windsurfzone (Europe mainly - Italian)

Abcwindsurf (Europe - Italian)
 Surftribe (World - Italian)BCS Spot Guide (Liguria, Italy - Italian)
 Addicted Sports (World - German)mws en  witchcraft





 Tour operators for

Windsurfing holidays Sun + fun
Tenerife StyleDakhla Kitesurf Hotels

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