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In the web, there are many equipment tests. Some are reliable and comprehensive, others less so. Although we do not presume to give definitive judgments, we believe that the impressions and direct comments of the windsurfers, who have or who have tried the materials, can be a useful judgment for everybody, especially if a wide base of windsurfers vote on each product. The average rating by those who have tried the equipment can be a useful guideline for anyone who is considering purchasing a new or used item.




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So, we decided to create this section of Waterwind, in which you can vote, in a simple way, the tested material. If you also want to insert the data sheet of a product you have tested, and add your own short review, follow these istructions. The procedure will take a little time.

Send us via email, a brief equipment data sheet. Consider this article as example. Preferably attach to the email your photo of the product. If you do not have a picture, search it in google images, making sure it matches the product. After the data sheet, write your own personal impressions about the product (english preferred). You can also summarize your judgement with a vote from 1 to 10. 

Take also note that you can add a comment to the end of an article about an equipment test, reporting your personal impressions too.

The community of surfers will be grateful for the vote, either negative or positive. It will help them to evaluate the product. The rating is a result of the freedom of expression. We ask you, though, especially in the event of a negative vote to motivate. If you have other suggestions or requests, please email us.

Good vote for everybody!

Waterwind staff

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