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Windsurfing equipment manufacturers have launched wide tail booms on the market for some years; they're designed to rig windsurfing sails with a deeper profile. For a few months, we have been using the Goya Super Skinny 140 - 190 boom. In this article, we tell you our first impressions.


Windsurfing, test: Goya Carbon Super Skinny Wide Tail Boom 

First, let's see some technical data. Full technical specifications are available on the manufacturer's website.

Monocoque body and extension in 100% prepreg carbon. The grip is 24.5 mm. Double pin locking (the measures for the adjustment are printed on the extension). Wide tail. Available in the following sizes: 125-175, 130-180, 140-190 and 150-200 cm. The adaptor allows use with RDM and SDM mast. Weight of 1.89 kg (model 140-190). Like other brands, Goya also has his booms produced by Aeron.


Preliminary considerations

I bought this boom as I mostly use Ezzy sails. Like other brands products, these sails tend to have a rather bellied profile. So, especially for the larger sizes (5.8 - 5.3), where the sail profile can be particularly deep, I wanted to try a boom on which the sail did not lean (on the leeward body side, I mean), with prejudice to its performance. Moreover, the larger sizes are used in lighter winds, and therefore the sail thrust becomes even more essential for a fun session. It should also be mentioned that in the past years I have used an AL360 140-190 Slim boom (which I still own and use), and a Chinook RDG Super Skinny 135-185. Therefore, the comparison of this Goya boom is with other top-end products available on the market.


Windsurfing Goya Super Skinny Boom 001

Windsurfing Goya Super Skinny Boom 007

Windsurf Viana Portugal 004 


Test result


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As for the construction, the Goya Super Skinny is a modern boom, with attention paid to all details. In addition to the wide tail, the boom features the Loop and Go system for quick tying the outhaul line to the boom end (which is comfortable for quick adjustments, even in the water). On each side of the boom handle, there are gaskets to prevent sand infiltration, which can wear out the carbon under the handle, and cause it to tilt excessively, over time. The clip pins are steel made, and fit into the extension holes with extreme precision (while in the AL360 holes are a bit larger). This makes the pins insertion more difficult - since pins positioning upon the holes must be precise, but makes the body-extension joining really solid. The body section, around the harness line position, is not drop shaped (as in the AL360), but still very comfortable; and your hands can tighten the boom body very effectively. The grip is as soft as needed: comfortable, without being delicate (like that of the AL360).

In short, the Goya Carbon Super Skinny wide tail has fully satisfied us, so far. The last check is the product durability. But this test will take several years to know the result.

Hang Loose. Fabio Muriano


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