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After have been using the Ezzy Elite for a few years, with great satisfaction, this year I wanted to test the new wave sail of the Hawaian brand, the Ezzy Wave. For a few months, I have tried this windsurfing sail (sizes 5.8 and 4.7), in different conditions, both at the sea and at lake spots. In this article, I will sum up the test result.


Windsurfing, sail test: Ezzy Wave 2021

First of all, let's see some technical data. Full technical specifications are available on the manufacturer's website.

In few words, the Ezzy Wave 4.7 has 4 battens, it can be rigged with the top 400 and the bottom 370, if you use an Ezzy mast (we tested it with the Hookipa Mast), with a rather narrow range as for the luff (398-402 cm), and a boom excursion from 152 to 162 cm. The declared weight is only 2.87 kg (I personally weighted the sail and found 3.0 kg).

The 5.8 has, on the other hand, 5 battens, and is rigged with the Ezzy 430 mast (luff range from 440 to 444 cm), and has a boom excursion from 169 to 179. It weighs 3.47 kg (weight personally sized: 3.5 kg).

It is important to highlight why the 5.8 (and 6.3) have 5 battens, instead of 4, like the other sizes. David Ezzy, in this regard, on the brand's website, declares:

"When I set out to design the Ezzy Wave, my goal was to make the best sail possible in each individual size. During the development, I found that the 5.8 felt lighter and more stable with 5 battens than it did with 4 battens. I found that all the sails need to hvae a roughly similar distance between the battens, which means that the 5.8 neeeded another batten. If I made the 5.8 with 4 battens, it would compromise its performance. The 5 batten 5.8 Ezzy Wave is actualy lighter than the 2019, 4-batten 5.7 Elite. And the Ezzy Wave is more stable and balanced as well. And when we introduced the 6.3 in 2021 (the sail is in production since 2020), the same principles applied".

Generally speaking, David Ezzy on the 2021 model also explains: "Reshaped for 2021, the Ezzy Wave is flatter in the batten above the boom, making the sail feel lighter and easier to move around. This makes the sail both much better for jumping maneuvers and easier to handle on the wave. The change also improves high wind handling". 

The sail, in the different sizes, has been made lighter, without penalizing the legendary construction quality of Ezzy products. As for the 2020 version, there is no vinyl window that is found in most of the Ezzy models produced so far, but one of Spectra with reinforced X-ply.


Windsurf Capo Mannu Sardegna 003

DSC 0055

Sagres Algarve Portugal 010


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Good wind range, playing, above all, on the outhaul adjustment. The sail has also shown, within certain limits, to manage overpowering (up to 25 knots, for  a rider of 70 kg, like me). The sail was mostly matched with a 2016 Tabou Pocket 94.

I close the article, with a brief consideration. For some time now, Ezzy has placed a calibration mark, attached with Velcro, to the base of the sail. This mark helps to identify the exact position of the mast base, to be obtained by adjusting the downhaul, according to the different wind conditions. In the models of many years ago, however, this adjustment was obtained through some indicators positioned in the upper part of the sail, which helped to understand how much to loosen the leech. The calibration mark at the base of the sail tends to detach (I lost two of them). Therefore, I would suggest Ezzy to print these adjustment marks on the tissue at the sail base, to solve this problem.

Hang loose. Fabio


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