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Taking the chance of a free afternoon, on Monday, April 10, 2017, I ran to Como lake to test my "new" Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2013, exploiting a good thermic wind (20 kts). The Tabou 3S is an amazing board.


Windsurf equipment: test Tabou 3s 106 LTD 2013

I immediately tell you that, after trying it, I sent a message to my friend Nicola (who suggested me this purchase) with the text "Declare Fabien Vollenweider Saint right now". In fact, it was clear to me, after the test, that the Tabou shaper is a genius, and when you buy a Tabou you don't go wrong.





Even just watching it on the ground, you realize it's a mix of genres. Flat rocker that really provides an immediate and easy planing (in many reviews, too often, the early planing is an overused and misused term even, even when speaking about boards that require a minimum of technique to let them plane, and also about wave boards that get into planing only on a broad reach). The scoop curve is flat at first (this also ease the early planing), and then rise towards the bow, to ensure the chance to use the board also in waves/chop conditions (within certain limits of course, in the case of waves).

Rounded side outline with smooth curve from bow to stern, to facilitate the handling of the board, but almost freestyle boards rails; a slightly aft volumes distribution, balanced anyway, which makes the board stable under your feet, and apparently wider than the actual 62 cm. 

Gera 1


I tried the board matched with an Ezzy Zeta 6.4 2017 (another exceptional product, which I also reviewed in this website), on a day with medium breeze, 20 knots in the best moments, and never less than 14-15 kts, with a short and steep chop, of 30-40 cm. In best moments, the sail was too big, but the Tabou has always resulted under control, and allowed me to manage without any trouble the overpowering.


Gera 2

In the water, the board was impressive ....

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I decided to buy this board, changing from a Fanatic Freewave 105 TE 2012 (another lovely board), why I need a board better suited for northern Italy lake spots wher I often surf (Malcesine, Pra, Pier, Como Lake spots with strong Foehn winds), characterized by strong, but often gusty, winds. The Fanatic turns better (the shape is almost wave oriented), but it does not tolerate poors for too long, during wihich it loses the glide. The Fanatic is a board that performs very well at sea for bump and jumps, and for some waveriding, but I do not live and I do not go out only at sea spots .....

Also, I need a more teaching board, adequate to my level, more stable and under control while riding (the Fanatic does not bear overpowering too much).

I had already noticed the exceptional qualities of this model, with my Tabou 3s 86 CED 2009. The version 106 LTD is the final confirmation of the validity of the project.

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The GoPro video taken during the test of Tabou 3s 106 


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