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Tabou 3s 86 lt



Windsurf boards test: Tabou 3s 86 2009

Technical data:


Lenght: 238 cm


Width: 58,5


Weight: 6,83 kg


Sails range: 3.7 - 6.2


Productor website: click here.


Test result:

My board for strong wind - la mia tavola da vento forte. Una tavola con un volume ridotto (ma non estrema!), che uso con vento forte (sopra i 20 nodi). Mi aiuta nelle manovre (in particolare in strambata, poggia meglio che un freeride), ed in generale curva bene, risultando divertente nelle onde. Inoltre, offre la qualità, ed in particolare la robustezza delle tavole Tabou.
A board with a reduced volume (but not extreme!), which I use in strong winds (above 20 knots). It helps me in the maneuvers (particularly while jibing, it carves better than a freeride), and in general it changes direction quickly and easily, making it funny to use in the waves. Furthermore, it offers the quality, and in particular the robustness of the Tabou boards. 

VOTE: 10

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