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The Tabou Da Curve has been one of the reference wave boards on the market, for a long time. The 2020 model confirms the exceptional performances of this windsurf board, able to really entertain waveriding fans. In this article, we tell you our impressions about the 2020 88-liter model.



For some months now, I have been the happy owner of this board. I already own and use with satisfaction a Tabou Da Curve 2016, 80 liters, which was my faithful travel companion on trips to South Africa, Morocco, and Oman (read the review of this board).

However, I felt the need to have also a board with a few more liters, for spots and days with lighter or unstable wind. I had the opportunity to catch an offer on Easy Surf Shop, and I bought another board of this model, in 2020 edition.

I had some doubts whether to proceed with the purchase, as, notoriously, the Tabou Da Curve is considered a radical board, which requires good riding technique and good conditions, as models like the Quatro Pyramid, or the Goya Custom 4, for example. I had assumed to buy a Goya Custom 3, or a Fanatic Grip, renowned as tolerant and multipurpose boards.

After these months of testing, in which I had the opportunity to test the board both in Mediterranean and Oceanic conditions, I can say that the feeling was immediate, that the board fits me like a comfortable slipper, and that it has been confirmed as a radical board, but also with a much greater versatility than you can imagine. The Traversa - Vollenweider duo, once again, did a great job, and produced an excellent project.


Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 007 Windsurf Tabou Da Curve 005

Windsurf Albenga Tabou DaCurve 1



First, let's see the board technical data :

Length: 227 cm

Width: 57.5 cm 

Weight: 6.5 kg

Fins: Three slotboxes. Side fins: 2 x T lab New Carver 11; Central fin: 1 x T lab Zinger 18

Sail Range: 4.2 - 6.1 (honestly, I would never use this board with a 6.1 square meter sail ...).

Spot for tests: Albenga (Italy, Liguria); Viana do Castelo (Portugal); Playa San Xurxo and Playa Traba (Galicia, Spain). Choppy water surface, or waves up to 2.5 - 3 meters, both swell waves, glassy and regular, and more chaotic beach break; wind from 20 to 30 knots.

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The length of the board also allows you to move and distribute the weight well in waveriding, with an adequate forward and backward movement of the body to change stance, and above all to be able to stay on the lip, shifting the weight forward, and recover the ride on the wave, when possible rider errors, or weak wind, risk making the wave pass under the board.

The board is also very easy and intuitive in the fundamentals (fast tack and jibe).

In short, I think we will have a long relationship together, and that it will become my travel companion, around the wave spots around the world.

Aloha. Fabio

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