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Not all Tabou 3S are equal, but they are all great boards, the result of Fabien Vollenweider's genius. Intrigued by some peculiarities of the 2015 version of this legendary model, we decided to take the chance to buy a used one and try it. Immediately, we had the feeling of having an exceptional board under our feet.


Windsurf, board test: Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2015

For a few years, I had a Tabou 3s 106 LTD 2013 (read review) (and before that a Tabou 3s 86 2009). The 3S 2013 gave me many memorable sessions. The 2013 version is long and narrow (242 x 62 cm), has an easy and lightning gliding start, and a remarkable top speed, to be a freestylewave board. I've always used it with a 25 cm MFC freewave fin, much shorter than the standard 32 cm fin (in my opinion, oversized and not of valuable material, since it's not sufficiently rigid). The 2013 board does not have a very narrow bend radius when jibing, but keeps the glide during the maneuver for a very long time, forgiving any errors in the rider's stance.

When I saw an Ad of a second hand 2015 board version (LTD), the shape made me very curious. The board is slightly shorter (240 cm), but much wider (64.5 cm), and with a good width maintained only in the central part of it. It also has a truncated tail (like 2013), and a stern that tapers rapidly in the final part, and a hull that has two lateral channels in the tail (a detail that the 2013 version does not have).

So, I said to myself: it will turn tighter and be more reactive?


Windsurf Tabou 3s 22

Windsurf Tabou 3s 20


The test in the water confirmed my thoughts, but it also revealed other differences and peculiarities of this board, which made me fall in love quickly, and which reminded me of another very good "horse" I owned in the past (and sold with regret): the Fanatic Freeewave 105 TE 2012. 

Technical data Tabou 3S 106 LTD 2015

Lenght: 240 cm

Width: 64,5 cm

Weight: 6,7 kgs

Fin: 1 freeride power box fin 32 cm.

Reccomanded sail range: 4,5 - 7 mq.



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Now, reluctantly, I will sell 2013 one: but if I could, I would be a collector of Tabou 3S, like those who collect Ferrari cars .....

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