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The best instructional books and video about windsurfing, available on the market, selected for you.


Windsurfing technique - Books and DVDs



One of the best DVD video on the market, that explains the basic and advanced windsurfing techniques, is "From Beginner to Winner" by Jem Hall. You will feel to be in the water, as personally taking the lessons, while you'll watch it! Below, you can see a preview of the DVD. The DVD is in English. Here you check the DVD contents.

You can buy the dvd, clicking on the following links: Jem Hall website; Most of the lessons of Jem Hall are also freely available on the website of the magazine "Boardseekermag" at the following link or on Jem Hall's website.

Alternatively, in the books section of this article (see below), you will find references to the DVD "Trictionary", combined with the book (with same title).

For those who want to devote themselves to the discipline of Waveriding, Jem Hall also offers a DVD dedicated to them: Winner to Wavesailor DVD. Here, below, you can watch the DVD promotional trailer

Last, we suggest also the instructional dvd "Go Pro with Colin and Marco", by 

Colin 'Whippy' Dixon and Marco 'Dancing' Wedele


Go Pro with Colin and Marco

Through this dvd you can learn the illusive moves that just stay out of your reach with 5 different camera angles that include Boom Cam, Mast Cam and Board Cam.

Extra sections give a taster of new school freestyle moves and mistakes, helping you iron out yours problems.


Moves covered:

Carve gybe, Duck gybe, Laydown gybe, Downwind 360, Backwind gybe

Fast tacks, Heli tacks, Upwind 360, Duck tack



Bodydrag, Chop Hop, Vulcan, Flaka, Loop

You can watch trailers here, or you can buy the DVD here!

Videos, available on the website, by PHIL RICHARDS AND DANIELLE LUCAS, are also very interesting.




Regarding the books, one of the most recommended is "Trictionary 3" (3 stands for the second version - Tricktionary). Personally, we find this book great!

Trictionary 2 

The book is matched with a DVD, but you can also buy them individually. They are available at Amazon:


The book has 292 pages (coloured pictures), and takes into account any level, from beginner to advanced. It's available in German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French (first version). The book is also available in some shops, specialized in windsurfing. The DVD is in English and German, with subtitles in German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and French. It includes more than 400 minutes of instructional videos. Below you can see the promotional trailer for the book and dvd.


Another interesting guide is "How to Windsurf 101 - "The complete Guide" by Arne Gahmig. Here are the Author words:

"I have looked all over the internet and in the real world for some sort of step by step guide which covers all the bases ... but I haven't found it. Maybe you have had the same luck. That was why.... I created an over 100 page e-guide on how to windsurf starting at the very beginner level going all the way up to jumping."


How to windsurf 101 - The complete guide, by Arne Gahmig


You can purchase the book on the Author's website.


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