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Maui is indeed one of the best spot for water sports in the water. Action sports .


Windsurfing schools, rentals: Action Sports  (Maui, Hawaii, Usa)


The Center

Maui is the world’s premier location for Kiteboarding, Surfing, Standup Paddleboarding and Windsurfing. Action Sports Maui is Hawaii’s original kiteboarding school. They provide Lessons, Courses, Kite Trips, Gear Rentals, Kids Camps. Accommodation, Weather & Beach Information to help you create your ultimate water-sports vacation.


Action sports Maui 1

Action sports Maui 2


The spot

The center is situated in near Kanaha beach park (read the detailed spot review on, the Maui spot generally right for everyone. But other spots are in the nearby (e.g. Kihei), depending on your level and your tastes.  



Offered services:

- Windsurf: school, rental

- Kitesurfing: school, rental

- Surfing: school, rental

- Sup: school, rental

- Kids camp

- Accomodation


Action sports Maui 3

Action sports Maui 4

Action sports Maui 5







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