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Do windsurfers and kitesurfers always have to fight when they are on the same spot? These funny video that Marin David, a french freestylers, has sent us, seems to prove that surfers and kiters can also agree, and enjoy together.

Windsurf session: Kitersurfer and windsurfer on the same board (Dakhla, Morocco)

When the spot doesn't offer much space for everybody in the water, some discussions may occur. Our personal experience, anyway, is that all the time we had some problems, and a Kiter was around, we could get an helping hand.

Focusing on Marin's video (shot by his father in 2011), we cannot ignore that the spot is a very good one. Well, the spot is the famous Dakhla Lagoon (read Dakhla spot review), Western Sahara, Morocco, where there is enough water for everybody with the chance to enjoy the ride! And it is completely flat.....

Windsurf Kitesurf David Marin 2

Windsurf Kitesurf David Marin 3

Windsurf Kitesurf David Marin 1

Anyway, the two riders manage to perform a nice trick that it is more difficult than you can think.

Enjoy the video, and thanks to Marin for sharing!

P.s. View also the other video Marin sent us, some years ago.....

Hang Loose.

Waterwind staff


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