Freeride windsurf boards are designed for a wide range of enthusiasts. They offer easy gliding and, therefore, guaranteed fun. The well-known French magazine Windmag tested eight 2021 models of various brands. In this article, we summarize the test results.


Windsurfing, test: 2021 freeride boards

The tests were published in the April-May 2021 issue of the magazine, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for more information. Read also the article about the 2020 freeride boards tests.

The freeride boards, this year, were mainly tested in the volume around 130 liters.


JP Australia MagicRide 2020 JHB0136 1920x1280

GeckoLTD Pierre Garda RonnyKiaulehn 17073


The boards have been tested with wind from 10 to 20 kn, in flat water and choppy conditions, with freeride sails, without cambers, or with two cambers, between 5.5 and 8.0 square meters. The test spots were Six Fours, Le Brusc, and Almanarre, in Southern France.

The tested boards are the following:

  1. AV boards Chubby 127,
  2. Fanatic Gecko 135 Ltd,
  3. FMX Veloce 122 GTS,
  4. Goya Volar 130 Wood,
  5. I99 Performa 130 GLS,
  6. JP Magic ride 129 ES,
  7. JP Super ride 124 ES,
  8. Tabou Rocket 125 LTD.


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2020 Boards volar rendering rev

2021 Rocket Banner 02


The Tabou Rocket has a moderate length and width. The distribution of volumes is homogeneous. The LTD is fiberglass made. The Rocket combines accessibility and performance, and is a freeride board that can be used by the beginner, as well as the expert. It turned out to be the preferred choice of testers for its simplicity, behavior, and performance. It does not disappoint, and is confirmed as a reference for this range of boards.


Have a nice choice. Fabio Muriano


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