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Freewave or freestyle wave boards are multipurpose windsurfing boards, a cross between freeride and wave boards, and are able to cover a wide range of conditions. In this article, we summarize the tests results of the french magazine Windmag, relating to the 2021 boards of this program.


Windsurfing: 2021 freestylewave boards test

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As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the April-May 2021 issue of the french magazine. Read also the article on 2020 freewave board tests.

This year the Windmag testers have tried 11 models of freewave boards with a volume of around 95 liters. The spots where the boards have been tested are Codouliere, and Le Brusc, in Six Fours, Southern France. The boards have been tested with 4.7 - 6.5 square meters freewave or freeride sails (no cams).

The tested boards are:

  1. AV boards BT 97,
  2. Exocet Cross 94 Silver,
  3. Fanatic freewave 95 BXF,
  4. Goya One 3 95,
  5. Jp freestyle Wave 94 LXT,
  6. Patrick F-Cross 94,
  7. Quatro Power Pro 94,
  8. RRD freestyle Wave 96 LTD Y26,
  9. Severne Dyno 3 95,
  10. Simmer Helix 96,
  11. Tabou 3s+ 96 LTD.

 2020 Boards power action3

2020 Boards one3 rendering


freewave2020 risco del paso xl xl



Aurelio Verdi proposes an AV boards BT 97 with a particular shape, with a bat like (three-pointed) tail, parallel rails and rounded bow. Equipped with three fin boxes, it is delivered as a single fin (26 fin, rather straight). It falls in the category of all-rounder boards, and will appeal to the intermediate level windsurfer, who wants to start gaining experience in the smallest waves, guaranteeing a tolerant drive. Gliding driving offers a lot of sensations and is fun. The only negative aspect is that the pads and straps are rather rudimentary and not very comfortable.

The Exocet Cross has changed quite a bit in 2020 (shorter than 20cm, well centered volume). The board maintains a certain width both in front and rear area. It is equipped with a single box, and delivered with a standard 30 cm G10 fin. Thanks to the more compact shape, it turns out to be a nervous and sporty freeride board, with a solid support, suitable for offshore rides, and good for surfing only in the offshore swell.

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2021 Tabou gallery 3S PLUS 02

The Tabou 3S has been produced for some years in two versions, the Classic one and the 3S Plus. The Plus version (the tested one) has a shape borrowed from the wave models, with a Thruster fins configuration, and an accentuated side edges tapering, starting from the rear foot. The position of the straps is rather backward. It is a board good for all types of conditions, whether you are drawing curves, sailing along straight line, or jumping, without even changing the its fins trim.

Among all the boards tested, the choice of the testers fell on the Goya One 3 and the Tabou 3S +.


Have a nice choice.


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