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Freeride sails without cambers are the perfect engine for those who love medium-long rides, full planing, with their windsurfing board. In this article we summarize the results of the tests conducted on thirteen 2020 models by the riders of the well-known French magazine Windmag.


Windsurfing, test: 2020 freeride sails

The tests were published in the March 2020 issue of the french magazine, which we invite you to purchase for all the details and for further information. Read also the article on the 2020 freewave boards, and the one on the 2020 freeride boards.

Freeride sails, without camber, offer stability and freedom of movement. The sizes that were tested, around 6.7 square meters, have 6 or 7 battens.

The 2020 models range from freeriding initiation sail, to cruising sail, and up to sails with more freerace oriented profiles. We highlight that Windmag testers particularly recommend these sails without cambers, since, after many years, they have convinced themselves that they are the right sails to satisfy their desire to glide without stress, and in complete freedom.

During the tests, the sails were associated with boards  ranging from 90 to 150 liters; they were freeride, freerace, freewave, or foil boards, in wind conditions from 12 to 25 kn, and with a flat or choppy water surface. The test spots were: Almanarre (Hyeres), Le Brusc, Saint Syr sur Mer, in Southern France.


AC X 1 1167x800

2020 Sails mark action1@2x


The sails tested were 13:

  1. Duotone E_Pace 6.6,
  2. Gaastra Matrix 6.7,
  3. Goya sails Mark 6.6,
  4. Gun Sails Rapid 6.7,
  5. Gun Sails Stream 6.4,
  6. Loftsails Oxygen 6.8 HD,
  7. Naish Sails Noa 6.4,
  8. Naish Sails Sprint 6.4,
  9. Point 7 AC-X 6.5,
  10. RRD Fire 6.8,
  11. S2 Maui Banshee 6.4,
  12. Severne NCX 7.0,
  13. Simmer V Max 6.6.

The Duotone E_Pace 6.6 is a deeply modified model compared to the previous freeride version of this brand (E_Type). It expands its field of use and becomes modular (more trimming choices). The larger sizes gain stability and performance; the smaller sizes are designed for foil riding, in the light wind. Particular attention must be paid to the trimming to make the most of the full potential of this chameleonic sail. 

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gunsails rapid 6 1

AC X 2 1003x800


As for handling, the best sail is the Naish Sails Noa, followed, at a certain distance, by the Goya Sails Mark, the Gunsails Stream, the S2 Maui, and the Simmer V Max. The other sails are less manageable, in particular Gunsails Rapid, and above all Loftsails Oxygen.

Finally, as regards general performance, the best sails are the Goya Sail Mark, Point 7 AC-X, Severne NCX, and Simmer V Max, followed, a short distance away, by the Duotone, the Gaastra Matrix, and the Rapid Gunsails. The other sails are lower, with poorer overall performance, especially for the Naish Sprint.

The testers' preference fell upon the Goya Sails Mark, the Severne NCX, and the Point 7 AC-X.

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