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Windsurfing wave sails must satisfy many requirements at the same time, to offer the best performance in waveriding, and in jumps, and also in the short rides, when you have to go upwind. In this article, we summarize some results of the tests done by the french magazine Windmag on 14 new 2020 items.


Windsurfing: 2020 wave sails tests

As always, for all the details and insights, we invite you to purchase the March 2020 issue of the magazine. Read also the article about the 2020 wave boards tests.

A wave sail must allow you to position yourself in the best way to pass the breakers, and to go back to the lip; it must allow you to accelerate when you want to jump, but it also must let you forget it, to waveride freely, and to provide the necessary thrust in key moments. It must offer a wide range of use, and must also be able to resist some wipe-outs among the waves.

Typically, it is a sail used in combination with multifins wave boards, but sometimes it is also loved by riders, who intend to match it with freewave boards, or, even, freeride, to ride in strong winds.

The models tested are 14, and are as follows

  1. Duotone Super Hero 4.5,
  2. Gaastra Manic 4.7,
  3. Goya Sails Banzai Pro 4.2,
  4. Goya Sails Fringe Pro 4.5,
  5. Gunsails Seal 4.5,
  6. Loftsails Purelip 4.7,
  7. Loftsails Wavescape 4.7,
  8. Nash Sails Force Four 4.5,
  9. Neil Pryde Combat Pro HD 4.7,
  10. RRD Compact Vogue 4.6,
  11. Severne Blade 4.7,
  12. Severne S-1 4.8,
  13. Simmer Style Blacktip Legacy 4.5,
  14. S2 Maui Dragon 4.6.


05 07 2019 severne Blade 020 Blue Timo Hack

Simmer blacktip legacy 2020


2020 WP Product Action MANIC HD 01



Duotone Super Hero is, without a doubt, one of the market references among modern wave sails. It is a multi-purpose sail, for all conditions, without asking too many questions. It combines general effectiveness with homogeneous behavior, for a very wide field of use, offering both the necessary thrust and freedom of movement, depending on the need.

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As far as handling is concerned, most of the sails are extremely easy to handle; the Goya Banzai, the Loftsails Wavescape, the RRD, the Severne Blade, and the Simmer Style are slightly less handling than the others, and the Loftsails Purelip is even something less than the other models.


2020 Sails banzai action12x


Finally, as regards neutrality, the Goya Sails Fringe, and the S2 Maui Dragon are superior to all the others, which, however, offer only slightly lower performances, and are ompletely equivalent to each other.

The choice of testers fell upon the Duotone Super Hero, on the Gaastra Manic, on the Goya Sails Banzai, and, as already mentioned, on the Neil Pryde Combat Pro HD.

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