You have never tried windsurfing, but have you got a great desire to try? Well, first of all, the advice is to refer to a good windsurfing school (Schools and rentals).

In the meantime, to get an idea of the necessary material, below you can find a list of the equipment to get started. It was considered a person of average weigh (about 70 kg).


    1. A board of 180-200 liters (called by friends the great raft or the great biscuit...), with retractable daggerboard;
    2. A 5 meters square sail; an SDM mast (Standard diameter mast), or RDM (Reduced diameter mast), suitable for the sail (usually a 400 cm), with a percentage of 60% carbon (it's no use at the beginning to take masts with higher percentage of carbon and more expensive);
    3. Aluminum boom (also in this case, when you are a beginner, it is unnecessary to take a boom of carbon), with the possibility to adjust the lenght from 150-160 cm to 200-210 cm.
    4. Adjustable or fixed harness lines, to attach to the boom with harness hook;
    5. Mast foot; SDM mast extension of 30 or 45 cm;
    6. Uphaul line to recover the sail from water, to be tighten to mast;
    7. Neoprene wetsuit suitable for the season, harness, life jacket

Windsurf parts (Rick McClain)

In used markets, with 700-800 € or so (price for Italy!), you can find all the material listed in points from 1 to 6. For wetsuit, harness and life jacket, by focusing on new material, you must take into account other 200-300 € (it is considered buying a short wetsuit, or for spring season).

While waiting to register for a course, you can take a look at the videos available in this section, illustrating the basic maneuvers. The video available at the following link - Getting Going! - is by Jem Hall. The video is taken from the website of the magazine "Boardseekermag", where, in the "Technique" menu item, you will find many other interesting videos.

In the Books and video section of Waterwind, you'll find references to the DVD with the full course offered by this icon of windsurfing.

In this second section of the article, you can view the video of the first level course offered by the Vasco Renna Surf Center of Torbole sul Garda, taken from YouTube. The videos are instructive with regard to the basic maneuvers. Regarding the instructions for the equipment, they are a bit dated. On Youtube, there are also the courses of 2nd e 3rd of this famous Garda Lake school. The videos are in the Italian language. For English videos, please read further.


English videos, useful for  beginners, are also available on this website, realized by the famous board manifacturer Starboard. Useful suggestings for beginners are also available on How To Windsurf 101 web site. On that website, you'll will find a free book for beginners to download (first you have to sign up).

Here is the first one!

Finally, we want to remember you that in this section, you'll find all the instructional videos of the windsurf stages, organized on Como Lake by and "Non Solo Mute" shop. For informations on stages (we can teach also in the English language), please feel free to contact us!

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