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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Windsurfing and never dared to ask. Here you will find many experts' suggestings that will help you take a step forward in the knowledge of windsurfing. Please help us to enrich this section, informing us of others preciuos articles on maneuvers, on the best use of sails, boards, booms, mast, and equipment in general, on technical clothing, etc.




  1. Which mast to choose for your sail: the Unifiber mast selector
  2. How to rig a windsurf sail
  3. Peterman's website: lots of answers to your questions 
  4. Which wave sails set?
  5. Severne guides
  6. Quad set up guide for maximum performance and range of useWhich
  7. Black Project Fin should you choose for your board?
  8. Did you know that? Wikipedia and windsurfing....
  9. How to Windsurf the Planing 360
  10. Windsurf and sailing glossary
  11. Royn Bartholdy's website: one of the best for glossary and maneuvers tutorials  
  12. Plenty of useful suggestings: the How to Windsurf 101 website
  13. Happystoic: suggestings for some maneuvers 
  14. How to replace a sail batten
  15. How to avoid Catapults
  16. Windsurfing in Waves
  17. Rig and board tuning guides
  18. A Guide to masts.
  19. Rules in Waveriding (
  20. Waveriding Best practices (
  21. How unifiber measure masts

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