Weather stations

We created this section to allow you to quickly and easily access to sites that show datas of the thousands of weather stations, available on the Italian territory, and, gradually, on all the countries of the world.


Some sites report some good maps, from which it is easy to detect the location of the weather station, that can be most interesting for your favorite spots. So you can check weather data in real time, before leaving to reach the spot (or, often, to get angry if you have had to give up to your windsurfing session, for your usual work or family business.....).

 All the world 

WindsUp Stations (Europe)Surf-forecast Stations (All the world)Windfinder Stations (All the world)
Puertos del Estado Stations (Spain)Wunderground Stations (All the world)iWindsurf Stations (All the world)
 Meteonetwork (Italy)MeteoSurf Stations (Italy) Linea Meteo Stations (Italy)
  MeteoWebcam stations (Italy)  

Below, we suggest you the links to single weather stations positioned near or right in some spots loved by people fond of water sports, which may not be included in the sites mentioned above.

In this moment, the list is mainly developed for italian territory, but we would, gradually to cover all the world. So, if you know of other weather stations, particularly useful for sailors or windsurfers, please tell us in order to expand the network of monitoring points, available on this page. You will do useful work for the whole community of surfers.




Weather Stations - South America - Africa


Weather stations - Lago Maggiore (ITA-CH)

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