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New podcastsSent on 22 March 2021
Sardinia, and a bit of theorySent on 31 January 2021
Again Garda, and some testsSent on 13 October 2020
Strong Peler at Lake GardaSent on 18 September 2020
Ireland, and some testsSent on 22 June 2020
Sardinia and another testSent on 15 June 2020
Sails and boards testsSent on 24 April 2020
Last tests: k4, and SeverneSent on 26 March 2020
South Africa 2020, part 3Sent on 18 February 2020
South Africa 2020, part 2Sent on 12 February 2020
South Africa 2020, part 1Sent on 01 February 2020
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