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The Dakine T-8 is one of the best windsurfing harness available on the market, suitable for freeriding, freestyle and even waveriding. We have it in use, from some months, and in this article we report our impressions.

The Dakine Fixed Harness Lines Seaford are perfect. They have everything you need in windsurfing harness lines. In this article we explain why. 

Finally, we decided to get the legendary Tabou Da Curve, in the size of only 80 LT. The version is the one of the year 2016. And we tell you right away that this board has already made us fall in love with it. In this article, we show you the results of our test, explaining why.

AL360 E3 140-200 and AL360 140-190 Slim are two excellent carbon booms for windsurfing of the well-known italian brand AL360. We had the chance to test both models. In this article, we offer our impressions about these products.

The Ezzy Zeta is the wave / all round 5 battens sails of the well-known Hawaiian brand. From some years, it has replaced the popular Ezzy Tiger in the catalog. In this article, we propose the review of the 2019 model, which we tested in the 5.8 square meters size.

This time the Waterwind staff really did it big and, for this test, let me have the "Ferrari" of the 4 battens wave sails: I'm talking about the Severne S1 pro 2019.

In this article, by Michele Ferraina, we propose a review of the freestyle sail Severne Freek, and of the Severne RDM Blue blue masts, with some very interesting technical suggestings.

Not all Tabou 3S are equal, but they are all great boards, the result of Fabien Vollenweider's genius. Intrigued by some peculiarities of the 2015 version of this legendary model, we decided to take the chance to buy a used one and try it. Immediately, we had the feeling of having an exceptional board under our feet.

Can David Ezzy beat David Ezzy, and create an even better sail? Of course he can! The Ezzy Elite 2019 is there to proof it. It's a perfect 4 battens wave/allround sail, and every time I'm about to do a new windsurfing session with it, I already know it will be a party!

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