In this page, we will propose you the videos of the stages on the fundamental maneuvers of windsurfing, organized by Waterwind.it. The videos will show the theoretical explanation of the maneuvers. In this page you will also find many other useful videos on maneuvers by other instructors.

Windsurfers are strange people, and if they are not, they become crazy practicing this sport .....

They love to stay with other strange people with which they form associations, or at least, they search other crazy people to talk to.

Here, below, you have a list of associations, clubs, and forums of windsurfers around the world (for Italy, read the italian version of this article).

Are you attracted by windsurfing, but you do not know where to start?

Have you tried to ride, but you find it difficult to keep the direction you want ...? Freeride is not enough, and you want to try waveriding?

In this section, you will find a list of schools, all over the world, that can help you achieve your goal! If you know other schools which are noteworthy, please send us an email.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Windsurfing and never dared to ask. Here you will find many experts' suggestings that will help you take a step forward in the knowledge of windsurfing. Please help us to enrich this section, informing us of others preciuos articles on maneuvers, on the best use of sails, boards, booms, mast, and equipment in general, on technical clothing, etc.

The best instructional books and video about windsurfing, available on the market, selected for you.

You have never tried windsurfing, but have you got a great desire to try? Well, first of all, the advice is to refer to a good windsurfing school (Schools and rentals).

In the meantime, to get an idea of the necessary material, below you can find a list of the equipment to get started. It was considered a person of average weigh (about 70 kg).

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